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[texts]Daytime activity of uvenile (Volume v 29 (1988))

Keywords: octopus
Downloads: 45
[texts]Temporal spacing in the activity patterns of three Hawaiian shallow water octopods (Volume v. 96 (1982))

Keywords: octopus
Downloads: 51
[audio]Aesthetic Octopus Radio Show 4/10/10 - Aesthetic Octopus
Our first podcast
Keywords: Aesthetic Octopus
Downloads: 27
[audio]IUMA: Magnificent Octopus
Canadian composer Luke Mercier has joined forces with Jeff Cardey, a classical guitar virtuoso better known as 'Sharky,' to form a supergroup with James Switzer and Conor B. Luney providing a formidable rhythm suction. Although the band is comprised of your typical two guitars, bass and drums, they are impressively capable of producing symphonic overtones while gracefully maintaining rather cool and foxy 'pock/rop' undertones...
Keywords: Magnificent Octopus
Downloads: 10
[texts]Octopus Keyboard
Requires iOS 5 or higher. Octopus Keyboard is a keyboard tweak that predicts what you are about to type and shows the suggestions above individual keys. I purchased a license, also with high hopes and was disappointed. I used to use SwiftkeyX on android and it was by far the best soft keyboard I've ever used. Cydia Tweak Octopus Keyboard brings BlackBerry 10 Predictive Text for iPhone . Today we have good news for you A new Cydia tweak Called Octopus Keyboard , Octopus keyboard license on MainKe...
Keywords: Octopus Keyboard
Downloads: 12
[image]octopus pufff... - nerd-win
Keywords: octopus pufff
Downloads: 209
[texts]Octopus Suite
wt19i unlock done Welcome to Octopus Suite version 1.1.6-----Platform SE Qualcomm. Free OCTOPUS Microfinance Suite help, support customer service. Find your OCTOPUS Microfinance Suite product. Get solutions from top OCTOPUS Microfinance Suite. OctoplusOctopus Suite v1.1.4 is out Added support for Alcatel X220S, Alcatel X230E, ZTE F100, ZTE GR222. Welcome to the GSM-Forum forums. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our...
Keywords: Octopus Suite
Downloads: 15
Octopus in ocean
Keywords: Animals: Octopus
Downloads: 1,957 2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars2.50 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[collection]Octopus Nebula - Octopus Nebula

Keywords: Octopus Nebula
Downloads: 2,036
[movies]Bad Flowers
An enigmatic journey through the world of art and octopi. Written and directed by Jimmy Hickey.
Keywords: octopus; poisonous; art; obsession
Downloads: 565
[texts]Appendix IV

Keywords: Squid; octopus; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 110
[texts]Céphalopodes provenant des campagnes de la Princesse-Alice (1898-1910) (Volume fasc. 54 (1920))

Keywords: Squid; octopus; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 78
[texts]Genera of recent Mollusca, arranged according to their organisation (Volume 1)

Keywords: Squid; octopus; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 41
[texts]Overblik over de i Kjobenhavns Museer opbevarede Blaeksprutter fra det aabne Hav (Volume 1859-1861)

Keywords: Squid; octopus; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 47
[texts]Poulpe geant observe entre Madere et Teneriffe (Volume t.53 (1861))

Keywords: taxonomy; cephalopods; octopus; Squid
Downloads: 54
[texts]A catalogue of Japanese Cephalopoda (Volume v. 64 (1912))

Keywords: Cephalopoda Squid Octopus Cuttlefish
Downloads: 52
[movies]The Mystery of Octopus Intelligence
The Indonesian Mimic Octopus This octopus is able to copy the physical likeness and movement of more than fifteen different species, including sea snakes, lionfish, flatfish, brittle stars, giant crabs, sea shells, stingrays, jellyfish, sea anemones, and mantis shrimp. This animal is so intelligent that it is able to discern which dangerous sea creature to impersonate that will present the greatest threat to its current possible predator...
Keywords: Indonesian Mimic Octopus
Downloads: 568
[movies]Tentacles - trailer
Preview of a movie about a giant octopus terrorizing a coastal community.
Keywords: trailer; horror; octopus
Downloads: 834
[texts]Cephalopodes (Volume t. 7 (1826))

Keywords: Squid; cephalopods; octopus; Cuttlefish
Downloads: 88
[audio]diffusion2008-12-29 - diffusion science radio
New Year 2008/2009 'Kisses, tantrums and infections' It is the last show of 2008 so there is plenty of love, tears and infection spreading! Patrick Rubie looks at the nice and the nasty side of mistletoe. Victoria Bond and Jaime Leclerc quiz you on infectious diseases. Ian Woolf tells a tale of eight-tentacled fury at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany. And in our last news of 2008 Marc West reveals the secrets of Santa! Presented by Darren Osborne Produced by Patrick Rubie Panelled by Ian...
Keywords: mistletoe; octopus; infection; santa
Downloads: 1,809
[texts]Cephalopod plates (Volume Plates: Zoologie: Conchyliologie et Malacologie)

Keywords: cephalopods; Squid; octopus; taxonomy
Downloads: 103
[movies]Octopus and fish in ocean
Octopus and fish in ocean
Keywords: ocean; fish; octopus
Downloads: 1,862 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]Mistakes - Octopus Finger
epa087_Octopus_Finger_-_Mistakes epa sonidos Catalog#::::::::::::epa087 Format::::::::::::::Mp3 Country:::::::::::::Chile Released::::::::::::31.08.2013 Genre:::::::::::::::electronic Style:::::::::::::::Deep Techno Tracklist: 01_Older, colder 02_Fear 03_Adult 04_B2 05_Die Description: Eng: Octopus Finger in his second release for epasonidos displays a more energic side, yet still dark. His singing melts with surprising sounds, with prominent basses and depurated pads, inviting us to travel in a...
Keywords: Octopus Finger,Carlos Vergara
Downloads: 913
[texts]Cephalopodes de la Mediterranee

Keywords: Squid; octopus; Cuttlefish; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 78
[texts]Manual de Conchyliologie

Keywords: cephalopods; Gastropods; Squid; Cuttlefish; octopus
Downloads: 42
[audio]Los Octopus El Hielo Hoy ( 2014) - http://www.blackfishdiscos.com/
Los Octopus El Hielo Hoy ( 2014)Black Fish discoshttp://www.blackfishdiscos.com/
Keywords: los octopus; black fish discos
Downloads: 24
[audio]Listful Thinking Podcast #1
listfulthinking.wordpress.com's first podcast, and, if all goes as planned, the last.
Keywords: lists; humor; cavemen; psychic octopus
Downloads: 53
[texts]Cephalopodes Acetabuliferes (Volume v1 12)

Keywords: octopus; Squid; Cuttlefish; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 70
[texts]A diagnostic key to the genera of Recent dibranchiate Cephalopoda (Volume v. 48 1903-04)

Keywords: Squid; octopus; Cuttlefish; taxonomy; cephalopods
Downloads: 46
[texts]Class. Cephalopoda Cuv. (Volume v 2)

Keywords: Squid; cephalopods; octopus; Cuttlefish; taxonomy
Downloads: 79
[texts]A catalogue of Recent Cephalopoda (Volume v.9 (1885-1888))

Keywords: Squid; octopus; Cuttlefish; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 83
[texts]Teuthidae (Volume text)

Keywords: Fossils; Squid; octopus; cephalopods; taxonomy
Downloads: 73
[etree]Octopus Live at Doc Taylor's on 2012-02-23 - Octopus
Set II: 1. Broken 2. Mr. Negative > 3. Kyle's New Jam > 4. Mr. Negative 5. Supercollider 6. Low Rider
Keywords: octopus; doc taylors; virginia; soundboard
Downloads: 125
[audio]Octopus's Garden -- Groks Science Show 2013-08-21 - Joanna Rowell
With all the recent excitement about sharks – including shark week and the film “Sharknado” – you might think that sharks are the strangest animals in the ocean. If you’re under this impression, I’d like to introduce you to the cephalopods – creatures like the octopus and squid. Why are they strange? Well, to start with octopuses have three hearts, they taste with their arms, they have a donut-shaped brain, and can change color instantly...
Keywords: biology; groks; octopus; evolution; development
Downloads: 909
[texts]Mollusques. - Cephalopodes

Keywords: Joubin; Squid; octopus; Nautilus; cephalopods
Downloads: 128
[movies]Adelaar 2014 - Lutz Vieweg
Underwater video shot in the Komodo National Park and near Tulamben, Bali, in Indonesia.Includes footage of rare species such as Amphioctopus Mototi and 7 minutes of an epic Manta encounter.
Keywords: underwater; diving; manta; octopus; mototi
Downloads: 89
[texts]Morphological variation in octopod specimens: reassessing the assumption of preservation-induced deformation (Volume v.33 (1991))

Keywords: octopus; morphological variation; allometric growth
Downloads: 51
This is an unclear species of octopus displaying unusual behavior by extending it arm into the current which seems to be flowing over the top of the pipeline. Many thanks goes to Rob Curry, SERPENT Outreach Coordinator, DEEPSEAS Group, Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Waterfront Campus, European Way, Southampton SO14 3ZH United Kingdom for helping identifying the specie on this videoclip
Keywords: octopus; unusual; behavior; deepsea; serpentproject
Downloads: 381
[movies]Zack Mexico, Lures, Octopus Jones - Live @ Nice Price 11/17/2014 - Zack Mexico, Lures, Octopus Jones
Zack Mexico, Lures, Octopus Jones  - Live @ Nice Price 11/17/2014
Keywords: Zack Mexico; Lures; Octopus Jones
Downloads: 5
[texts]Manual of Conchology (Volume Ser.1, v.1)

Keywords: giant squid; Cuttlefish; octopus; cephalopods
Downloads: 81
[audio]RFCSeptember - GregEwald
The debate, and the art of Tom Ardans on Tonmo.com
Keywords: tonmo; tonmo.com; octopus; cthulhu; ardans; cthulhu
Downloads: 2
[audio]Big Blue Octopus- Live @ The Gulu-Gulu Cafe 05-22-2010 Set 1 - Big Blue Octopus
Big Blue Octopus- Live @ The Gulu-Gulu Cafe 05-22-2010 Set 1
Keywords: Big; Blue; Octopus; Gulu; Salem; MA
Downloads: 27
[audio]What's New Interviews The Octopus Project - Tracey Schulz
What's New Interviews The Octopus Project
Keywords: What's New Interviews The Octopus Project
Downloads: 2
[audio]Octopus - The HATZ
Keywords: HATZ; Octopus; Schilderswijk; The Hague; Stichting Maldoror
Downloads: 72
[audio]What's New Interviewed The Octopus Project - Tracey Schulz
What's New Interviews The Octopus Project
Keywords: What's New Interviews The Octopus Project
Downloads: 5
[audio]Olive the Octopus - Sumanguru Gyra Jones and His Orchestra
A better version. The first song from the never-to-be-completed musical "World of Magic" - an adventure using MonkeyBoy's bathtub toys. Olive's theme is played on a red ukulele tuned to Only-God-Knows-What. MonkeyBoy helps out on the count in. Warning: This song contains the word "Ass". Clips from Freesound.org: 27022005_snares_island_sea lion.ogg by stormpetrel; seaguls near sea.wav by inchadney; waterdrop24.wav by junggle; public domain whale 01.wav by mkoenig; elements_water_02_phasin_bubbles...
Keywords: octopus; sumanguru; gyra; jones; bathtub; ass
Downloads: 119 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]bobbi sox: octopussy
imagine yourself driving with an octopus
Keywords: bobbi sox; octopus; punk; music; dada
Downloads: 18
[texts]Loligidae, Loligopsidae, Teuthidae (Volume text)

Keywords: Squid; octopus; Cuttlefish; cephalopods; taxonomy; systematics
Downloads: 82
[audio]octopus farm - simon borer (entirecities.ca)
part of the Mania! Mania! Mania! series (go to meaninginthemovingdesign.blogspot.com, under the mania tag)
Keywords: creative; art; mania; octopus; entire cities
Downloads: 44
[audio]episode 30 seahorse and dumbo octopus
tgba episode 30 seahorse and dumbo octopus
Keywords: episode 30 seahorse and dumbo octopus
Downloads: 91
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